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Gleaning--come on over

I'm surprised to see it, but indeed, the greens did grow a bit in the last 2 weeks.  Here's what's available:

  • kale
  • collards
  • watermelon radishes (a few)
  • purple top turnips
  • carrots
  • various salad greens, such as spicy mix, frisee and a wee bit of lettuce
  • daikon radishes (lots)
  • herbs (cilantro, sage, onion chives, oregano, mint, sorrel, a little parsley)

We also have eggs for sale ($4/dozen) and garlic ($4/pound). 

All CSA members, and any worksharers who came at least twice this season are welcome to come glean as much as they want from that list, beginning Friday.  It is a standing offer for the rest of the year, but we suspect most things listed will be picked by the end of the weekend, and anything left will be frozen solid not too long after that (depending on the weather, of course).    

At the washing station, there is a map on the dry erase board showing you where to go.  The eggs and garlic will be there, too. We'll post signs in the field Friday morning, which we'll leave up until sometime next week. 

Gleaning is not an activity for everyone.  You'll be picking it yourself, and because the pickings are slim, it will take a long time to get a significant amount of anything (with the exception of the daikon radishes, which are super-abundant, since they are part of the cover crop).  Bring a knife to make cutting the salad greens easier, and a bag.  Wear sturdy shoes, and be prepared to walk about a quarter mile to get from your car to the field.  You can drive there with a rugged vehicle, but don't forget that walking is good for you!  And I don't want to pull anyone's vehicles out of a ditch with a tractor on my day off. 

Coming Saturday morning?   From 10am to noon, Michael will be distributing beef in the parking area in front of his house (which is also the office).  To get to the fields with most of the items listed (A1and A2), we would normally suggest that you park at that house and walk.  But Saturday morning, parking at the house will be limited, so you will need to park beside the set of three barns. 



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