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Christmas Trees, Wreaths and a great spot for a picnic

We still have plenty of trees of all sizes for sale.  Bring your friends or your kids or your dog or all of the above.  We've been impressed by the people who have taken advantage of the gorgeous weather and made a fun event out of picking out a tree.  Even adults can appreciate a little hay ride, and there's something incredibly peaceful and relaxing about strolling around with a breeze in your hair, the smell of pine, and hawks and clouds drifting overhead.    

Rob and I have been getting practice making wreaths.

Make your plans to come out this weekend!  One of our cows just had a calf yesterday, so if you bring kids, give yourself time to visit the cows and chickens.  And if you bring some old bread or lettuce or any other kind of kitchen scraps for the chickens, you'll have an instant avian fan club.

Cut-Your-Own Christmas Trees

Clagett Farm

11904 Old Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro MD 20772

Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 2pm

or by appointment (301-351-4940) for another day or time.

  • Locally grown
  • Pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer-free (you won't find that from any other tree dealer near you)
  • Served as a great nesting and hiding place for birds and critters. 
  • A fun outing for the whole family.  
  • We'll help cut the tree and strap it to your car. 
  • Just $40 for any size!

All trees are Scotch Pine and White Pine, which are the best type for our region.



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