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Job openings--Farm Crew, March through November

Haven't you always wanted to be a farmer?  Well you only live once! 

Clagett Farm is accepting applications for our farm crew for this summer.  We have a couple positions open--full or part-time.  We pay $10/hour for the first season ($12 for the 2nd, and up from there).  We'll need people who can work on Saturdays, work well with volunteers, and endure heat and humidity with a smile.  The job runs from March (or April) through November (or October--your choice).  We give special preference to people who have worked with us before, so that means you, worksharers!

If you're interested, send us an e-mail to clagettfarm@cbf.org with a resume and a few times when you're available for a working interview.  We'll respond with an application for you to fill out.  Interviewing with us is fun, because we sit around and chat while seeding trays of broccoli and cabbages. 

We look forward to hearing from you!



Top photo is Megan Caine, taken by Kolya Vishnevsky in 2006.  Bottom photo is Kristin Carbone, taken by Carrie Vaughn in 2007. 


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