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Photos of our new season


I've been making an effort to carry the camera around a bit more so I can post updates of our progress. So far, the prospects for 2013 are encouraging. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the work that's been happening at the farm, and some changes we've made this year. You can click any of the photos to enlarge them and get a better look at our progress. 

The plants in the greenhouse have been growing well. We installed some foam board insulation and made some improvements to the plastic panels that drop down on top at night to capture heat.  It worked well!  

Here's a photo of the plastic panels lowered to protect the plants.  


Here's what it looks like after we lift them up in the morning.  



The warm spring has helped, of course, but we did have one frightful Saturday night when the water pump that sends heat under the plants broke, and as I tried fitfully to replace it and tighten leaks in the dark, the water heater ran out of propane.  As if my adrenaline weren't high enough -- running around trying to find a space heater and install a little fan to circulate the warm air -- a skunk and I surprised each other.  Did I get sprayed?  Did half of our 10,000 plants perish in the frosty night air?

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Little Red Bird Herbal CSA has open slots for this season

We won't be adding medicinal herbs to your CSA share, but we do have a medicinal herbalist who raises some of her herbs on our farm.  Her name is Holly Poole-Kavana.  Holly will be showing off some of those herbs during our spring Meet 'n' Greet (Sunday April 29th, 1-4pm).  You're welcome to pick from her garden as part of your Clagett Farm CSA share, but if you're anything like me, you won't know what to do with them.  That's why you might want to belong to her CSA, as well. 

Holly offers an herbal CSA that we recommend to anyone who can be in Northwest DC one Monday evening per month.  You'll learn about the medicinal herbs growing in our area and how to use them, you'll get a free consultation with Holly to address your specific health issues, and you'll get lots of salves, tinctures, teas, and other health-promoting preparations.  Check out her web site for more details:

Red bird botanicals
Cheers to your health,


Need a Tuesday afternoon helper

We have a great opportunity for someone who wants to be a regular, reliable, weekly worksharer, but doesn't want to mess with working outside in the dirt.  We need someone to help us display and give out shares to our members at our farm on Tuesday afternoons, 2pm until 6 or 7pm. 

This person must be able to lift bins that are up to 40 pounds, have a friendly personality, and be able to set up a neat, attractive display.  In exchange, we're happy to offer one week's CSA share for each week worked.  If you think this might be you, send us a note (     

We look forward to hearing from you!

 We're still looking for a helper for this job. 

We finally secured a pick-up site near Dupont Circle.

Good news, District folks--we will be delivering shares to a pick-up site near Dupont Circle on Tuesday evenings. 

  • Returning members, we are not giving you much time to let us know if you wish to buy a share.  It took us a long time to establish the pick-up site, and now it's already time to start selling shares to new members.  So please, please send us a quick e-mail right away if you are going to be purchasing a share from us.  We don't want to leave you out!
  • The new site is in the alley behind 1737 20th Street, NW, Washington DC 20009.  Dupont Circle Physicians Group is allowing us to use 2 parking spaces.  Thank you Dupont Docs!  This new site is even closer to the metro station than our old site.  I marked the spot in the image below. 
  • Unfortunately, we have to shift the pick-up to 6-8pm (last year it was an hour earlier).  

View DuPont Pick-up in a larger map

If you are someone who would like to become a new member, you can sign up beginning at 5pm this Tuesday, March 6th, at  We will offer shares to the first people who submit their forms.  It looks like we'll have about 45 open slots to fill for pick-up from the farm.  We don't know how many open slots we'll have at Dupont--right now it's 35, but we expect that to decrease a bit by next week.   

It's been years since we've had this many open slots at our Dupont pick-up.  Now is your chance, if you want to sign up as a new member! 

If you think you won't be near a computer at 5pm on Tuesday, you are welcome to ask a friend to sign up for you.  They will need:

  • Your name
  • Your home address
  • A phone number we can use to reach you during business hours if we have a question about your registration
  • Your e-mail address
  • The number of shares you want to buy (1 or 2)
  • Your preferred pick-up site (Clagett Farm on Tuesdays, Clagett Farm on Saturdays, or Dupont Tuesdays)
  • If Dupont, choose whether you would like a spot for pick-up at the farm if there isn't space for you at Dupont
  • When we ask if you qualify for a reduced-price share, select NO (if you qualify, you should e-mail us today, rather than waiting for Tuesday)

It's a quick, easy process, and we won't ask for payment for several days, so it's not difficult to delegate this job to someone you know who will be sitting next to a computer with a reliable internet connection. 

It's going to take a little time to round up the last of our returning members for the Dupont pick-up, so if you are signing up to be a new member at that site, it will probably take us about a week to get back to you.  We won't ask you to pay anything until we have confirmed that we have space for you.

Once we ask you to pay, we will allow one week for you to pay on-line or put the check in the mail.  We know it takes a little time for the postal service to deliver your check, but don't worry--we're patient.