U-Pick Strawberries: Today and Tomorrow!
This Week's Share: Lettuce, Spinach, Popcorn, Scallions and More

Getting Ready for Tomorrow: What to Bring, How to Stay Updated, and Other News


Here are a few down-and-dirty details you need to know as we're kicking off the 2012 season.


Resources For You To Refer To All Year

We have updated the 2012 CSA Details on the blog. It includes information on pick-up days, directions to the farm and general instructions for the CSA (what happens if you skip a week, how u-pick works, etc.). 

Though it's less relevant for CSA members, the Frequently Asked Questions (dogs, jobs, weddings and more!) have also been updated. 


What to Bring To The Pick-Up

Bring your own containers to carry veggies. We recommend a combo of canvas bags + plastic bags + other containers for veggies, such as a large plastic clamshell (the ones you see in the grocery store with baby spinach). If you just have bags, that's a-okay. 

We will not be offering used grocery bags at the pick-up this year because sometimes they weren’t so clean, the bags often blow away, and according to health codes, we aren’t supposed to supply used bags for re-use. However.... 


New This Season: Compostable Bags!

As we mentioned at the Meet 'n' Greet, we will be offering compostable bags for you to use this year.  They cost us 10 cents each.  If you use them, please contribute accordingly, but no need to pay the moment you take the bags. You can make a donation to the bag fund to cover several weeks at a time. There will be a little can for cash contributions. This is an experiment for us. Let us know what you think! 


How to Stay Updated

There are a few ways you can find out the latest information about what's happening with the CSA:

  • On the Clagett Farm Blog. This is where all the most recent and relevant information is posted. Share updates, breaking u-pick news, recipes, farm news, and photos. 
  • Via Email. We have a new email program this year, and will be sending out the weekly share updates through that service each week. (If you're reading this via email, you will receive the share updates each week.) Our hope is that the new service will get the email updates out more quickly than in previous seasons, so that the email goes out as soon as the info is posted to the blog. If you would like to receive updates via email, you can sign up in the upper left hand corner of the blog. If you are reading this via email but would rather not receive email updates each week, you can just reply to this email to let me know and I'll remove you. 


Contribute Photos and Recipes to the Blog -- Please!

We're always looking for new ideas for the blog. Here are ways you can help make our blog a fantastic resource for our members:

  • Share Recipes: Let other members know your favorite recipes for using Clagett produce. If you have a recipe you love, please email Clay and share it! 
  • Share Photos: Did you snap a photo on your phone at the pick-up? Take a glamour shot of your veggies after you got them home? Please share it by emailing it to Clay or tagging Clagett Farm CSA if you share the image on Facebook. We're always looking for new photos to include in Clagett blog posts. And we'll always credit you as the photographer. 
  • Share Community Notes: Do you have a piece of news that might be of interest to other members? Email Clay a short note about it, along with a link. We will likely include updates like this at the bottom of the weekly share updates. 


We hope you're as excited about the new season as we all are. See you at this week's pick-up!

Clay, Carrie & The Clagett Farm Crew 


(photo above: TheBittenWord.com)





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