This Week's Share: Potatoes, Eggplant, Chard and More
This Week's Share: Corn, Potatoes, Tomatoes. Plus Ground Cherry Recipes.

This Week's Share: Tomatoes & More. Plus Eggplant Recipe Ideas!

(This image via CSA member Krossbow on flickr)


Just in the nick of time, Sunday's New York Times magazine had an excellent feature about how to cook eggplant. The ideas are for the grill, but many of them can be adapted for indoor cooking. We used the guide last night to grill some eggplant over indirect heat for 30 minutes, then topped it with mint, feta and olive oil. Delicious! I highly recommend that you check out their 12 Recipes for Eggplant for inspiration. And as always, you can check out our recipe archive for more ideas. 

And with that, here's what you'll find in Week 12 of the CSA:

  • 1 head garlic
  • 7 pounds total combination potatoes + eggplant + melons (disclaimer: not very swet) + corn (disclaimer: some caterpillers!)
  • 1 pound total combined tomatoes + sweet peppers + chile peppers + shallots

On U-Pick this week:

If you want to come and u-pick, you can find a map of the fields and locations at the Wash Station when you arrive at the farm, denoting where to find the fields listed below. Here's what's on offer this week. 

  • Green and some nearly ripe tomatoes are still on offer. Pick in moderation (no more than four per person/share, per week)
  • New: Ground cherries
  • New: Tomatillos
  • New: Chiles
  • New: Celery
  • Okra
  • Beans
  • Herbs: Basil (in the high tunnel). Plus Oregano, sorrel, parsley, onion chives, coriander, thyme, lemon balm, sage, garlic chives, dill seed. 
  • As always, any flowers are always fair game.  

A preview of what's to come:

Do the rain dance! We expect more varities of tomatoes in larger quantities. This is probably the last week for shallots and melons. Next week we should have more watermelons. 

In the meantime, do you have questions? Other ideas for eggplant that you want to share? Comments? 

Leave them here on the blog! 

-- Clay 



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Jen - Yes! The sun golds have just started ripening, and there’s a bunch of others on the way. They’re in field F and they are definitely on the u-pick list. Yum! And there’s an abundance of ground cherries (a.k.a. “cape gooseberries”). They are in the genus Physalis (with tomatillos) and the family solenaceae (with tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and eggplant). They’re sweet, and a little esoteric. Give them a try, too!


I tried one of those 'questionable' melons and it was fantastic. Sweet though ugly - well worth taking the chance in the cull pile.

Jen Hammond

Quick question... are there cherry tomatoes this year?

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