This Week's Share: Turnips + Recipe Ideas + Honey For Sale
This Week's Share: What's in the Share Plus Save the Date for our Fall Event!

This Week's Share: Stuff We're Selling, Turnip Green Recipes and the Weekly Share Details

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(This photo: CSA member Krossbow on Flickr)  


Happy Tuesday! 

Here's are a few quick updates before we get to the share: 

  • Honey For Sale! As we wrote last week, honey is for sale at the pick-ups this week. Because of last week's rain, it didn't make it to Dupont, but it will be there today. If you want to purchase, the jars are $10 per one-pound jar of honey -- $1 of each jar benefits Clagett Farm. Bring your cash or check to the pick up if you would like to buy some over the next month or so. We'll keep you updated on how many jars are left.
  • We're selling garlic! We have an excess of garlic and we're selling it at $5/pound. It will keep in your kitchen until early 2012 unrefrigerated. If you want to purchase some, you can at the pick-up. 
  • And we're also selling a composter! We have a Sun-Mar 200 Garden Composter that was donated to the farm. We're selling it for $100 -- it retails at $300. If you want the composter, let us know


 And now here's what you'll find in Week 20 of the CSA:

  • 1 head garlic.
  • 1 1/2 pounds total combination greens (including of spicy mix, tatsoi, purple mezuna, tender greens, Ruby streaks and Southern Giant, arugula) + beans + tomatoes.  
  • 2 pounds total combination bok choy + okra + peppers + kale + winter squash
  • 4 pounds total combination turnips (white) + potatoes + watermelon radishes + eggplant + chile peppers


Recipe Ideas: Turnip Greens!

Last week, we gave you turnip ideas. This week, here are a few ideas for using turnip greens:


On U-Pick this week:

If you want to come and u-pick, you can find a map of the fields and locations at the Wash Station when you arrive at the farm, denoting where to find the fields listed below. Here's what's on offer this week. 

  • Greens! Almost all the greens except the kale are on the u-pick list. 
  • New: Turnips and turnip greens!
  • Tomatoes -- still available, though there are not many of them. Lots of green tomatoes.
  • Cherry tomatoes. 
  • Updated: Chiles (lots). There are, in the words of Carrie, "a million bazillion chile peppers." Please pick them!
  • Updated: Celery. It has improved in the cool weather. Come pick it! 
  • Swiss Chard. It will improve as the weather cools. 
  • Updated: Beans are now only in C2. 
  • Okra -- there's lots of okra right now. Come and pick it! Especially on a Monday or a Friday -- we want you to pick it and enjoy it. 
  • Updated: Herbs: Basil (in the high tunnel). Plus Oregano, sorrel, parsley, onion chives, cilantro, stevia, lemongrass, anise, thyme, lemon balm, sage, garlic chives. 
  • As always, any flowers are always fair game.  There are a lot of nice flowers on the farm right now. 


A preview of what's to come:

  • Next week should look a lot like this week!


Enjoy this week's share, and let us know if you have any questions about your produce or how to use it! 

Have a great week,

-- Clay



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