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Returning Members...Renew Now! (New Members sign up March 5th)

The weather may still be cold but we at Clagett Farm CSA are already thinking about the start of our 2014 season.

RENEWING MEMBERS: you should have received your renewal email from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. The email includes the link to the registration form.  We want to get you on board now so we don't give your slot away to a new member.

Didn't get the e-mail?  I would post the link here, but we're restricting access to former members only.  Just shoot us a note and we'll reply with a link to the renewal form.  

Would you like to become a NEW MEMBER?  Your chance will come at 5:30pm on Wednesday March 5th.  At that time we will activate a form on the site:  We will offer shares to people who submit their information on a first-come, first-served basis.  You will not be asked to pay until we have offered you a slot. 

Your farmer,