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Sign up for a CSA share TODAY at 5:30pm--open call to the public

Would you like to become a member of Clagett Farm's CSA?  Do you know someone who would?  Today is the day!  At 5:30pm, go the web site:

You'll see a registration form that asks for your contact information--no payment yet.  We'll respond within a week--we'll offer slots in our CSA to the first people to sign up, and everyone else will get a note that they are on the waiting list.  Once offered a slot, we will ask you to pay on-line by credit card, or drop a check in the mail within a week. 

A word of caution:  the registration web site was not designed for the purpose it is serving, so it's not as simple as we'd like.  We think you'll figure it out, but if you have any trouble, give us a call:  301-627-4662.

Not sure what CSA membership gives you?

CSA stands for Community-Supported Agriculture.  As a member, you are giving a predictable income to your farmer, in exchange for a portion of the harvest.  We plant a wide variety of vegetables, using organic practices that foster a diverse, healthy eco-system.  Every week, from mid-May to mid-November, we pick the crops that are available, and divide them equally among our members.  Most members tell us that in a typical week, one CSA share from our farm is enough for two adults.  The weekly share changes with the seasons.  Click here for examples of the crops you should expect. 

For members who are new to us this year, the price is $565 for pick-up at our farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, and $625 for pick-up near Dupont Circle.  We also have reduced-price shares for people in low-income households.  And if you'd prefer to work for your produce, you don't need to pay anything at all.  Here are some more details about prices and pick-up locations

Your CSA membership also helps us serve the community.  We donate over 40% of our harvest each year to social service agencies that serve people in need, such as Martha's Table and Horton's Kids.  These are the people who have the least access to healthy produce, but are often the ones most vulnerable to health problems and chemical sensitivities. 

There's no other farm quite like ours in the Washington, DC area.  We're proud of our farm, our produce and our community, and our members are too.  Slots in our CSA are a hot commodity.  Take this chance while you have it!