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Headed to Baltimore?

We have a few items we need to pick up from a greenhouse supplier (Maryland Plants and Supplies) on the southern edge of Baltimore city.  If anyone will be driving from there to Upper Marlboro (or Takoma Park or Bowie) in the near future, we'd love it if you could pick up a few boxes for us.  

Much obliged,


Bring on spring!

Wondering how your crops are progressing?  Here's a few updates:

  • The greenhouse plants are growing well!  No groundhog invasions this year.  Here's a photo I took on March 27th.  In the foreground, you see some kohlrabi that we planted last week and some cabbages that we planted today.           Greenhouse 3-25-14
  • We planted 50 Asian pear trees.  It will take a few years before they produce much, but we have high hopes!  
  • Elysian Energy's monthly volunteers just helped us plant 100 rhubarb crowns, and today we put in the last of 1000 new asparagus crowns.  Again, we won't pick them for a few years, but you're patient, right?
  • We're midway through the job of putting up an 8' fence around the perimeter of our newest crop of strawberry plants.  
  • The first carrots just germinated!  Lots more seed are in the ground and nearly ready to sprout:  lettuce, mustard greens, kale, collards, radishes, turnips, fennel, bok choi, spinach, arugula, 
  • Looking especially good in the greenhouse right now:  tomatoes!  Peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, squash, swiss chard, herbs and flowers are also coming along nicely.  
  • Here's a photo of the new turkey that one of our volunteers, Alla, brought to wander our fields.  He's surprisingly friendly--a show-off, really.                                    Mr gobble 4-9-14

I hope that's getting you excited for the new season!