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Spring Open House at the Farm and More Updates

Wintry weather? No problem

This weekend looked a bit more like winter than spring, however we at Clagett Farm were ready. This spring has been a bit drier than we would like and the rain & snow will help get the land ready for our crops.

Many of the plants are still in the greenhouse and we spent yesterday making sure they are safe and warm. The Swiss chard, spinach, kale and onions we planned to plant have been brought back into the greenhouse. Those plants plus the lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini and parsley are tucked under extra layers of plastic to keep in the warmth. We also increased our heating system. We use a system of warm water piped along the floor of the greenhouse to keep the seedlings warm from below. Our greenhouse is a good place to be on this chilly day.

There are some plants out in the fields and we’ve made sure they will be OK. The all-important strawberry plants are fine. They may lose a bloom or two but will get those back when the warmer weather returns. Our garlic grows happily during the winter so it is growing away without a worry. We recently planted Chinese cabbages, and we covered them with floating row cover--sort of like adding a blanket. We are ready for this colder weather and looking forward to the true coming of spring. Can’t wait to get the vegetables planted and ready for the first share of the 2016 Season – coming in May.

(The photo above is of "Rainbow" chard, ready to be transplanted when it warms up this week.)



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