This Week's Share: Strawberries, Greens and More
This Week's Share: Strawberries Go on U-Pick!

Now For Sale: Chesapeake Grass-fed Beef



Your purchasing choices can help ‘Save the Bay’!

Clagett cows

Experience some of the Chesapeake region’s finest beef!


Good pastures lead to great cows and healthy, nutritious meat; and are good for protecting the water quality of the Bay.  Our Red Angus and Red Devon cows are raised 100% on pastures and hay without any hormones or antibiotics. 

High Quality Beef Processing

  • Meat is frozen in individual cuts and vacuum sealed in clear packages (which helps retain cold, prevents freezer burn, and greatly prolongs storage life).
  • Our butcher is Mount Airy Meat Shop, a family run, well respected, and USDA certified shop. 
  • The meat is dry-aged, which means that it is hung at the meat shop for a little over two weeks to provide maximum tenderness.
  • A ‘lateral quarter’ is sold @ $8.00/lb. The weights will vary based upon the individual cows’ but will range from 75-90lbs/quarter.  You can request to have a smaller quarter or a larger quarter, depending on your needs.

Pick up: Meat must be picked up at Clagett Farm on Saturday, June 11th, between 10 a.m. – 1p.m.  An email reminder will be sent out to all who order.

You can order (and find more information on meat cuts) at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation website.  If you have questions feel free to email Michael at


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Arwen Bain-Cosby

Hello, Thank you for this opportunity. I'd like to purchase some beef but will be out of town on the delivery weekend. Is there any alternate pick-up option?

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