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We need to hear your thoughts about the CSA

Remember those sweet peppers--the ones you roasted, and you realized you'd never appreciated how delicious peppers are?  What about that bouquet of flowers that brightened your kitchen?  We tried a few new things this year--colanders filled with herbs, lettuce and kale; and little trays of microgreens that pack a punch of nutrition and flavor and make a classy garnish.  Did they work for you or did you wish we would stick with the basics?  This is your moment to register your opinion

We've had 52 responses so far (and if one of them was you, THANK YOU), and we had 220 members. Please, to all 168 of you that we haven't heard from yet--complete our survey!  It's quick!  It's painless!  We appreciate you!


Your farmer, 


Clagett Farm CSA shares for 2018 are available now! 



Clagett Farm CSA shares are available now!  New and returning members can purchase a share beginning now.

Ever thought of giving a farm membership as a holiday gift?  You can!  It’s a great way to give something HEALTHY to someone you love.    

Are you a returning member but not ready to buy a CSA share yet?  Don’t worry, we’ll guarantee a slot in the upcoming season for you and all of our other 2017 CSA members until March 1st.  And as always, we give you a $50 discount to thank you for being a loyal, returning member. 

New this year, we are offering a 13-week share.  This is a good option for those of you who can’t make it most weeks, but still want to come a few times per year.  Instead of the full 26 shares, you get half as many over the same period of time (May 9th – November 10th).  You can collect the shares whichever weeks you want, but a maximum of only one at a time.  And you can only you-pick on the weeks when you pick up a share.  We’re only offering a limited number of 13-week shares, and only for pick-up at Clagett Farm.  So if this is the option you want, don’t wait until March to sign up. 

Most of you will want to purchase a full season share because it is the cheapest option per week, because you get all the wonderful, organic vegetables you love, and because it’s the best way to support this farm.  You still get all the same flexibility we gave you last year—you can pick up the shares any week, 2 shares maximum per day.  And you can pick up at the farm on Wednesdays or Saturdays. 

If you sign up for farm pick-up, you can pick up at Dupont up to 6 shares total for the season.  If you sign up for Dupont pick-up, you can pick up at the farm as often as you’d like. 

I bet you have friends who would like to sign up for a CSA share at Clagett Farm.  Tell them to register!  Otherwise, when they’re tasting the wonderful, ripe tomatoes you bring home this summer, they’ll wonder why you didn’t tell them about it sooner. 

Let me know if you have a questions, or if you have ideas for how we should spread the word. 

Your farmer,