Spring Open House at Clagett Farm Saturday April 28th 1:00-4:00pm
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Help us celebrate

Joe sifting compost

What would you do if you met someone who is about to turn 70 and discovered that no one had ever thrown him a birthday party?  You'd throw a big one, of course!  This gentle soul, Mr. Joe Brown, turns 70 this month and we need your help to celebrate.    He is quite shy, after all, and hasn't left the farm much in these 70 years, so you are some of the lucky few he has met.  Don't have a lot to say to Joe?  Don't worry!  Come for the food, cake and good cheer.  The farm staff are throwing the party right after the Spring Open House, so you can come early for the hayride and stay late for the birthday festivities. 

Saturday April 28th


No need for birthday gifts--just bring yourselves.

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A little history about Joe:

Joe Brown came to this farm with his family when he was 16 years old.  This was a tobacco farm owned by Charles Clagett at the time, and Joe's father was a well digger.  Joe spent his working life planting, hoeing, harvesting, hanging and stripping tobacco.  In 1982 when the farm was donated to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Joe continued to live on the property, while helping our neighbor, Billy Addison, with his tobacco.  In the 90s, Billy stopped farming tobacco and Joe started working with us on the vegetable operation, and helping with mowing and hay.  We appreciated his incredible strength and endurance, and he is quietly kind to everyone he meets, without fault.  Joe is now retired, and continues to live by himself in one of the farm houses.  He takes a walk through the farm every day to check out what's new, and during the CSA pick-up, Joe likes to sit at the bench and watch everyone come and go.  

If you're interested in bringing food to the party, let us know.  Joe likes soft foods (egg salad, tuna salad, pasta salad...).  No need to bring him a bottle of wine--Joe does not drink alcohol.  

  Joe feeding bale chopper


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