This Week's Share: Shares Still Available and Strawberries on U-Pick!
This Week's Share (Week 3): Scapes, Squash and Scallions

This Week's Share (Week 2): Strawberries, Squash, Lettuce and More


This photo is from Amelia Vaughn, who likes to pick Clagett strawberries for every meal, including salad.  Want to see your photos featured in this weekly email? Just snap a pic -- from the farm, from your CSA share itself, or even a recipe you make with your Clagett produce -- and either email it to us or post it to Instagram with the hashtag #ClagettFarm!   

Welcome to the second week of the 2019 season!  Need any reminders of how the share pickups work? Here's everything you need to know.

SHARES ARE STILL AVAILABLE! It's crazy, right?  There are gobs of sweet, aromatic, strawberry gems waiting to be u-picked, and where else are you going to find organic strawberries to u-pick this close to DC?  Nowhere.  Yet we have not yet sold out for the 2019 season.  You should tell all the people you really like to come on over and buy a share. Everything they need to now is available online.  


  • 1 pint strawberries
  • 1.25 lbs squash
  • 1/2 pound lettuce
  • 1 pound tat soi +bok choi
  • 1/2 pound carrots
  • 1/4 pound baby turnips
  • 2 seedlings for you to plant
  • 3/4 pound garlic scallions



  • Not sure what to do with those garlic scallions? One of your farmers, Jared Planz, posted this great recipe for quiche on our Facebook page.  It works with tat soi, which you've been getting a lot of!



  • STRAWBERRIES!  There are so many.  CSA members, now is your chance to put up some strawberry jam or make that strawberry shortcake recipe you've always thought about.  And if you don't want all that work, you can toss them whole in a plastic bag in the freezer.  They are easy pickings right now.  But if you want to come Saturday, wait until after 1:00pm.  Otherwise, all the other days you can pick when you want, all you want.
  • cilantro
  • dill
  • chamomile
  • sage (with edible flowers)
  • onion chives (with edible flowers)
  • calendula (edible flowers)
  • thyme
  • garlic chives
  • mint
  • oregano


  • We expect to have strawberries for at least one more week (probably more).
  • Garlic scapes are likely for next week
  • Green onions are likely for next week
  • More squash and lettuce

That's it for the week! Enjoy the share! 

~ The Clagett Farm Team


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