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Help Us Find a Solution for All These Plastic Produce Bags!

Hi all!

We'd like to stop giving out single-use plastic produce bags at the CSA pick-up, but what's the best alternative?  We'd love to hear your ideas about which produce containers work for you.  I'll start with myself. 

Here's my favorite tool for bringing produce home to my kitchen:


I saved a few of these large, plastic clam shells this past winter when I bought salad greens at the grocery store (even farmers need a break, right?).


  • It's clear, so I can see what's inside when I look in my fridge to plan dinner.  My vegetables are less likely to mold, forgotten, in the back of my refrigerator.
  • It keeps greens from wilting.  I picked the mint in this photo a week ago, and it still looks fresh. 
  • It's easy to clean and dry.  All it needs is a quick rinse and then I flip it over on my dish drying rack.  
  • They are ubiquitous.  People who buy their greens from the grocery store toss them out all the time, and by using theirs I'm keeping them out of the trash or recycling bin. 


  • It's bulky.  It doesn't fit in my refrigerator's produce drawer, and if I had to cram my CSA share on the back of a bike, this container would make it harder to fit everything.  The empty container is a little harder to keep around in my trunk or shoulder bag so it's ready when I need it. 
  • It's not biodegradable or recycled.  If we purchased a lot of them to give out to our CSA members, we would generate as much plastic as if we bought rolls of plastic bags. 

OK, now it's your turn! 

Tell us about your favorite produce container.  Or you can even tell us about ones you don't like.  For example, we tried purchasing a case of biodegradable produce bags a few years ago, but after exposure to moisture from rain, wet produce and summer humidity, half the rolls of bags started to disintegrate before we had a chance to use them.  Yikes!

Send us your thoughts and ideas by email to or post on Instagram with the hashtag #ClagettFarm.

Your farmer,



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David Mozurkewich

Reusable plastic storage containers, reusable bags, etc are great except when one forgets to bring them and they are available from so many places that I suspect anyone who is willing to use them already does.

I don't think it's realistic to completely get rid of bags at the pickup sites.

So what about having a roll of biodegradable bags on hand? They are supposed to be single use but I reuse the ones I get at MOMs three or four times before putting them in the compost bin.

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