Help Us Find a Solution for All These Plastic Produce Bags!
This Week's Share: Squash, Tomatoes and More

This Week's Share: Corn, Tomatoes, Squash and More

Clagett 7-10-19

CSA member MaryClaire has been killing it on Instagram with photos of all the gorgeous summer-y meals she's been making using Clagett produce. For meal inspiration and information -- and to see more of her beautiful food pics -- check out MaryClaire's Instagram page. Want to see your photos featured in this weekly email? Just snap a pic -- from the farm, from your CSA share itself, or even a recipe you make with your Clagett produce -- and either email it to us or post it to Instagram with the hashtag #ClagettFarm!



  • Hello, Clagett members! Hope you all had a happy and relaxing Fourth of July! We're resuming our normal share schedule this week, so pick-ups will happen as usual today, Friday and Saturday.
  • Wondering about how Monday's epic rains affected the farm? Here's the report from Farmer Carrie: "We got 4 inches! It was a lot, but we were glad in general. The soil gets very dry this time of year in the heat. We took advantage of the saturated soils to do some weeding in the okra field with a group of kids from Sidwell Friends Community Service Summer Camp. No major damage from the storm. A little flooding in a few fields but it all soaked in pretty quickly." 
  • About those plastic bags... Hopefully you saw our email yesterday about looking for alternatives to giving out single-use plastic bags at the pick-up sites. They're bad for the environment, and they're at odds with the mission of our friends at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Some of you have already emailed your thoughts -- thank you! If you haven't, we'd still love to hear from you. Send us your thoughts and ideas by email to or post on Instagram with the hashtag #ClagettFarm. Here's an excerpt of some of the responses we've received so far:
    • "I’m a big fan of these reuseable produce bags.  They’re lightweight and reuseable.  I wonder if you could phase out farm-provides bags altogether? Just let folks know they’ll be responsible for providing their own containers at the beginning of the season. You could keep some brown paper bags on hand just in case, or sell reuseable bags on site. You could also keep a bin there for members to drop off clean, recycled plastic bags for other members to use if they forget theirs." 
    • "I really think you should just ask and expect people to bring their own bags or containers.  I have been bringing my own bags to put produce in, so I use something that is recyclable a few times before I have to put it in the recycle bin.  Maybe have a few on hand if people forget, but I would think your clientele will embrace the idea of 'bring your own bags/containers.'" 
    • "I purchased these bags on Amazon 3 years ago and use them every week. They've held up fairly well. They can be rinsed out or after potatoes or root veggies we toss them in the wash with our whites and use bleach. CON: We transfer most items to Ziploc bags with a paper towel in them. We would love a reusable storage solution for the produce once we get it home." 


  • 2 heads garlic (*see note below)
  • 3 onions
  • 2 small ears of corn
  • 1/4 pound greens
  • 1 1/4 pound tomatoes
  • 1 melon ("sun jewel" Korean melon)
  • 2 1/2 pounds total combination squash + potatoes + radishes



  • *We have so much garlic! It should keep well. Refrigerate any garlic that's still on your counter in the fall, and it should last all winter. (If you don't wish to take garlic in your share each week, don't worry! It won't go to waste. We'll sell the remainder for a good price, and that's helpful income for the farm.)
  • This will be the last week for greens until we return to cooler temps in the fall.
  • This will also be the last week of the Korean melons. Our watermelons and cantaloupes did not grow well this year, so we reseeded. The plants are looking good, but we're several weeks away from having more melons.
  • There will be lots more onions and shallots in the weeks to come.
  • We'll have more corn in the future if we can get it before the caterpillars, raccoons, possums and groundhogs. (Corn is a hot commodity!)
  • Okra is coming along nicely. We picked the first 2 pounds today, with lots more to come, including a red variety.
  • The tomatoes have just started to mature, and they taste fabulous. This week is just a teaser. Much more to come! (Unfortunately the deer have pruned the u-pick tomatoes quite extensively. We put a quick electric fence up yesterday. Fingers crossed!)
  • More potatoes and squash in the weeks to come!



  • flowers (as always, please feel free to take any of the flowers growing in the field next to the washing station)
  • cilantro
  • dill
  • basil
  • parsley
  • sorrel
  • lemon verbena
  • chamomile
  • sage
  • onion chives 
  • calendula (edible flowers)
  • thyme
  • garlic chives
  • mint
  • oregano


That's it for the week! Enjoy the share! 

~ The Clagett Farm Team


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