Climate crisis, we hear you.
This Week's Share: Garlic, Sweet Potatoes, Radishes and More!

This Week's Share: Garlic, Sweet Potatoes, Turnips & More!


Want to see your photos featured in this weekly email? Just snap a pic -- from the farm, from your CSA share itself, or even a recipe you make with your Clagett produce -- and either email it to us or post it to Instagram with the hashtag #ClagettFarm!

  • 2 heads garlic
  • 2 lbs. sweet potatoes
  • 1/2 lb. salad greens + squash
  • 3/4 lb. turnips + bok choi + okra
  • 1 lb. peppers + green tomatoes
  • as many hot chile peppers as you can use


  • anise hyssop
  • cutting celery
  • cilantro
  • Malabar "spinach"
  • lemongrass
  • hops
  • hibiscus
  • hot chile peppers
  • flowers
  • dill
  • basil (various varieties)
  • parsley
  • sorrel
  • sage
  • stevia
  • onion chives
  • thyme
  • garlic chives
  • mint
  • oregano
The sweet potatoes this week come from Potomac Vegetable Farms.  These farmer friends are from northern Virginia.  Thank you, Hana Newcomb!  We knew you were disappointed not to get any from us this season, so we bought $1,000 of potatoes to include in your share.   
Speaking of purchasing produce to include in your CSA share, we seem to have a glut of hot peppers.  If you all know any restaurants or others who might want to buy some chiles, we're selling them for $3/lb. (or the equivalent in bartered produce).  And per usual, we're selling garlic for $5/lb.  We can use that income to buy more items to include in your share. 
In last week's email, we mentioned the impact of climate change on our farm.  We've had occasion to think more on the topic, and you can read more of our thoughts in our blog post, Climate Crisis, We Hear You
Update about events:  We're so sorry we didn't inform everyone properly about the registration requirement for movie night this Saturday.  While we have no more openings for food and drink tickets, you are welcome to join us for a hayride and the movie.  Just show up with your own food and drink, a blanket to throw on the ground, and we'll start the movie just after sunset. 
And, don't forget we're having a party just for you on Saturday, October 26th.  We'll be cranking out pizzas, circulating the hay wagon, and we'll stream a little music on the speakers.  There's no charge, but we welcome any contribution of additional food (particularly for the dairy-free and gluten-free among us), drinks or other merriment for a nice farm friend get-together.  Bring any friends and family you'd like.  

That's it for the week! Enjoy the share! 

~ The Clagett Farm Team


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