2019 Farmer Review
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2019 CSA Survey Results

FDelventhal happy tomato

This is the planning time of year for us, and we've reviewed your survey responses at length.  But we never shared them back with you!  In the spirit of getting you excited about the season to come, below is our summary of your survey responses.  The awesome photos are from CSA member, Fred Delventhal.  And by the way, CSA registration will open up soon, so stay tuned!

FDelventhal cucumber vine

We like to run a transparent operation here, so if you'd like to read the complete survey results, you can find them here.

A whopping 148 of you responded to our survey.  That's huge--thank you!!!   

Let's start with the most fantastic thing we learned: On average, there is a 91% chance that you would recommend us to a friend or family member.  That's fabulous!  Thank you!  What a wonderful boost of confidence.  Only 5 people of 146 said gave a lower than 50% chance that they would recommend us, which is incredible, since we do not claim to offer a product that suits everyone.  Half of you said there is a 100% chance that you would recommend us, which implies that you already have. 

Your favorite 5 crops: tomatoes, strawberries, summer squash, peppers and garlic.  Your least favorite: okra, turnips and radishes.  No big surprises there.

I was proud to see how many ways you were able to put our over-abundance of hot chili peppers to use!  You dried, roasted, froze, canned and fermented them.  You made salsa, pepper jam and chili pepper oil.  Nicely done! 

The vast majority of you found a way to store some of your crops.  It sounds like it might help some of you if we give more information about how best to freeze excess vegetables, and give more advanced warning in our emails (to the extent possible--sometimes it surprises us!) when there is sufficient quantity of something on u-pick that it is worth a long drive to come.  

The crops you would most like to u-pick in 2020 are strawberries, tomatoes and flowers.  No surprise there!

FDelventhal sunflower

There were many very helpful, specific critiques and compliments, and we took a lot of notes.  There were several of you that mentioned that you would have liked to get more heads-up about when items on u-pick were abundant enough to get significant quantities, since coming to the farm for some of you is a big investment of time.  And there were a few who mentioned that you would have frozen or canned items if you'd known when and where they could pick enough of them.  We can definitely work on that.  

We also noticed several of you wished there were more opportunities to enjoy the community aspect of the farm with events and an easier spot to hang out at the washing station after you pick up your vegetables.  Good ideas!

For the people that have asked for more of an installment plan for the CSA, we are working on that right now.  It's created some technical hurdles, but we're hoping to have that ready shortly!

I'd like to end with just one of many wonderful compliments.  Thank you all for your thoughts!

"Going to the farm is something we look forward to every week. We appreciate what everyone does and how hard the staff and volunteers work to provide us with delicious, fresh fruits and vegetables. While this year was a difficult one with circumstances beyond control, we understand that it is not the norm. We got APPLES this year! Yay! The radishes were so sweet they were like fruit in our salads. The staff were always so nice when we arrived. They greeted us with a smile and answered all of our questions and provided ideas on what to do with things we didn't know anything about. Love love LOVE Clagett Farm."

FDelventhal wash station signs






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