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We've got you covered

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Wondering what a farm does during a viral outbreak?  We keep farming!  Seeing the empty grocery store shelves reminds us how important it is to provide a safe, reliable, local source of food.

As you might imagine, we've temporarily stopped accepting volunteers, we've increased the distance between staff while we're working, and we put our plans for parties on hold, such as our Spring Open House.  

And like always (but now with more scrutiny) sick people stay home from work and we keep our hands washed.  Supply chains are disrupted, but fortunately, we've already purchased the seeds, amendments, irrigation parts, and other supplies we anticipated needing.  Cleaning supplies are hard to find, but fortunately, we already had plenty of those on hand (including a gigantic box of toilet paper--lucky us!).  

The biggest question we'll need to answer in the next two months is how we might change the way you collect your vegetables.  We're exploring lots of options, and you'll have to stay tuned.  Our top priority is keeping you, our customers, safe--particularly those of you with health conditions that make you vulnerable.  

In the meantime, if you haven't signed up for your CSA share, do it now--we have openings at all 3 pick-up sites: Clagett Farm, Dupont and Annapolis.  We've seen a slight up-tick in requests for half-price shares for low-income households, which we welcome.  Our community includes everyone!  

As of now, our first pick-ups will be May 13 (Clagett Wednesday & Dupont), May 14 (Annapolis) and May 16 (Clagett Saturday).  Can't wait to see you!

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(When out of school means you're stuck on the farm, it's time to weed beets!)