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Looking Ahead to Week 1

Clagett Farm's Social Distancing Plan for the Start of the 2020 Season

Just like all of you, we’ve spent time negotiating how the pandemic will change the way we work.  We’ve made some decisions about how we will be distributing your produce this year.  First, we'll lay out the most important points, and then we’ll go into some detail for each of the pick-up sites. 


  • The first week of shares will be May 13, 14 & 16.
  • The growing season has gotten off to a great start, all the farm staff have stayed well so far and the plants look great.  We’re looking forward to some great produce this year and we’re so glad you joined!  Full steam ahead! 

  • The pick-up sites and times will stay the same. 

  • We will pre-bag your CSA share into paper grocery bags and bring them to your car (or your person, if you are on foot or on your bike).  You will have some options, but not as many as you had in years past when you packed your own share.   

  • We’re taking ample precautions behind the scenes—wearing masks, washing hands, sanitizing containers, and staying home when unwell.   

  • For the near future, we will not have a u-pick option.  (I know!  It stinks for us as much as it does for you.)  Unfortunately, the farm is not currently open for visits or walking around.  

  • Except for our fabulous volunteer, Deborah, who is helping us from behind a computer screen, we will not be accepting workshares. 

  • Just like everything in your life right now, we expect this situation to change during the course of the season.  Everything in this email might have shifted by Week 2.  It’s OK.  We’ll take it as it comes and keep you informed.  The important thing is, we’ll get you your vegetables.    

  • Don’t hesitate to call (301-627-4662) or email (clagettfarm@cbf.org) if anything about the new situation is giving you trouble.  We want to help. 


Here’s the step-by-step plan for picking up your share.  We might adjust it in future weeks once we see it in action, so keep us informed if you experience any problems.   

  1. Drive your car into the farm from the 11904 Old Marlboro Pike entrance (NOT from Ritchie Marlboro Road).   

  2. You will stop your car at a designated point in front of the washing station.  If there is a line, you will wait in line in your car.  We’ll try to keep it moving so you won’t have to wait long. 

  3. At that stopping point, you will see a sign that indicates what choices we will ask you to make for your share.  For example, we might ask if you want arugula, spicy mix, or a head of lettuce.   

  4. We’ll approach the passenger side of your car and talk to you through the window.  We’ll check you in and ask your preferences.   

  5. We’ll ask you to pull into a specific parking spot to wait for us.   

  6. Once you park, open your car trunk.  Please wait in your car or by your drivers' side door.

  7. At the washing station, we’ll take a mostly pre-packed bag and add your preferred items.   

  8. We’ll bring your bag to your car and set it in your trunk.   

  9. You’ll close your trunk and head out.       

  10. You can exit from either the Old Marlboro Pike or Ritchie Marlboro Road sides of the farm—your choice. 



Last year we moved our Dupont Circle pick-up site out onto the sidewalk of S Street to get some interest from passersby.  This year, we are retreating back into Fraser Court to avoid contact with passersby.  The alley is U-shaped, so if you drive into Fraser Court from S Street (at the corner with Chateau Thierry, 1920 S St NW), you can pull straight through and left to exit farther down the block on S Street.     

  1. You may drive, walk, bicycle or scooter to the pick-up. 

  2. People on foot will wait in a line, 6 feet from one another.  Drivers will wait inside their vehicles.  

  3. We will have a sign posted indicating what choices you have for your share that week. 

  4. We will check you in and ask your preferences for the items where you make a selection. 

  5. We will have a pre-bagged share for you, to which we will add your selections.  While you wait, if you are in your car, you will open your trunk.  Please wait in your car or beside your drivers' side door.

  6. We will set the bag on a table for pedestrians and cyclists.  We will set the bag in the trunk of people in vehicles.  Drivers will close their trunk and pull through the alley to exit. 



You will drive to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation headquarters building (the Phillip Merrill Center, 6 Herndon Ave).  This year we’ll locate our tables in the parking garage so that we won’t have to move in case of heavy wind or rain.   

  1. Follow the driveway toward the right side of the building. You will pass the building and enter where it says Buses Only.  If there is a line, please stay in your car as you wait in the driveway. 

  1. There is a gravel loop where you will turn around and stop at our marked spot.  There will be a sign posted indicating what choices you have for your share that week.  We will have our tables under the cover of the garage.  

  1. We will approach your vehicle window, check you in, and ask for your selection.   

  1. While we pack your share, please open your trunk and wait in your car or beside your drivers' side door.     

  1. We’ll place your share in the trunk, you’ll close the trunk, and then you’ll drive away to return home and enjoy your week.   


We’ve had a lot of sympathy for our fellow local farmers.  The ones that relied on restaurant sales are scrambling to set up direct sales to customers.  The ones that sold at farmers markets are having their markets canceled at the last minute based on changing regulations.  And we’ve been reading in the news about large farms around the country that are plowing their vegetables back into the soil because their institutional buyers have stopped buying.  Thank goodness for Community Supported Agriculture!   

Our direct connection to you means that we can keep you as a customer and you can continue getting healthy, delicious vegetables, even when other, longer chains in our food system are breaking apart.  If there’s a food shortage afoot, we’ve got you covered.   

We appreciate all of your wonderful support. This is a great moment to be part of the local food economy and your purchase will allow us to produce more safe and healthy food for the times to come. We have noticed that more families are cooking together and are excited for our food to be part of the fun.


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