Clagett Farm's Social Distancing Plan for the Start of the 2020 Season
It's Week One!  (We're excited)  

Looking Ahead to Week 1

The first week of the CSA is next week! 

Next week, May 13th, 14th and 16th, we'll start giving out vegetables (and strawberries!).  Are you planning to pick up a share next week?  We'd like you to let us know HERE, and while you're at it, you can select your seedlings.  This will help us get the right plants to the right pick-up sites, and make sure you get the ones you want quickly when you show up.    

Your first share is on the light side.  Spring is all about vegetables you can eat raw or with just a little cooking--vibrant flowers, bright green leaves and crunchy roots. You'll be getting larger amounts of produce as the crops soak up the sun and grow some more.  April was cold and dreary!

What you can expect in your first share (a rough guess)


  • 1 pint strawberries
  • 2 heads of tat soi (these are great in salad or cooked lightly--the flavor is mild and the dark green leaves are extra nutritious) 
  • Baby hakurei turnips (our favorite sweet, crunchy variety)
  • A modest amount of arugula, baby collards or other greens
  • A small container of microgreens (These are the first leaves of plants in the mustard family.  Cut the tiny sprouts off with scissors just above the soil and garnish your salad or entrée.  Before you use them, keep them in the sun as you would any live plant, and water as needed to keep the soil moist.  Once you've eaten the sprouts, you can toss the soil into the compost.)


  • Fresh herbs & edible flowers (choose one):
    • Oregano 
    • Flowering onion chives (break apart the purple flowers and toss them into salad or on you dish; the leaves and flowers have strong onion flavor and the garnish makes your meal feel fancy)
    • Rutabaga flowers (these don't keep well so use them quickly; mild flavor and delightful color) 
  • Garlic scallions (use these young garlics plants as you would garlic cloves; their flavor is a little more mild than the cloves so you can eat them raw or cooked very lightly)
  • Seedlings (choose your 3 now; you can choose 3 different types or multiple of the same type of plant) 
  • Is there something on this list you don't want?  When you pick up your share, you can ask us to pull that item out of your bag, and we'll donate it to a grateful, nearby food pantry.



  • Our fellow Upper Marlboro farmer, Bahiyyah Parks, is selling flower bouquets, and you can order one for pick up at the Clagett Farm or Dupont pick-ups.  It's a tough time to be a flower farmer, and we need sustainable farms like Bahiyyah's Ecoblossoms Farm to thrive.  Her specialty is peonies.  You can order a single bouquet of peonies or sign up for a subscription of weekly flowers through the end of June.
  • Did you miss our last email about how to pick up your share in the coronavirus era?  You can read it HERE
  • We have made a few changes since we sent that email.  We are concerned that members dropping off compost or using the restroom will stop their cars in a bottleneck area of the farm.  To keep things moving, please don't bring compost and please avoid using our restroom.  We'll reassess once we have a few weeks behind us.  


In weeks to come

  • We can expect to have at least 3 weeks of strawberries and probably more.  Delicious!
  • We'll have seedlings in week 2, as well, but there will be fewer choices.
  • We'll have garlic scallions in week 2 and possibly week 3.  Then we switch to garlic scapes.  We love growing garlic, so you get some version of it every week, all year long.
  • We'll have more salad greens soon, including lettuce, spicy mix and spinach.
  • Cooking greens coming along include kale, bok choi, vitamin greens and more collards and tat soi.
  • We have a small amount of beets and cucumbers in our high tunnel.  You might get a choice of one of those soon.
  • You'll continue to see turnips and soon, radishes.  


See you soon (smiling behind a mask)!
The Clagett Farm Team


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