Week 13: Our sweet peppers are ripe and the Asian pears are ready!!
Summer bounty continues

Week 14: Rain, Rain, Go Away!



This week's Share

Garlic, 1 head
Onions, ~ 1/2 pound
Shallots, ~ 1/2 pound
Eggplant, 1.5 pounds
Sweet Peppers, 4 mix of ripe (red & orange) and unripe (green)
Tomatoes, so many!
Squash, 1
Choose: 1.5 lbs okra or 0.5 lb hot chili peppers


Continue to sign up for a slot through link below! 

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Newly added!!! 

  • Tomatoes (field F) - all of the larger tomato varieties below the cherries are up for grabs, IMPORTANT- these are not tied up so be very careful where you step so as to not break plants or crush any good tomatoes!! 
    Going down the field varieties include:
                      Garden peach, small, yellow, fuzzy with blushes of pnk when ripe
                      Verona,red roma/plum
                      Roma, red larger plum shaped  
                      New Girl, red slicing tomato
  • Chili Peppers (field F)- much easier to find as they are in same field as the cherry tomatoes across from wash station/ pick up location, they will be closer to the greenhouse. VERY IMPORTANT- Please Please Please use pruners to harvest these as they are very fragile plants!!! 

  • Okra (field B2)- this field is way out there, and  you will need to walk a long way on foot to reach it.  When you enter farm you will stay straight to go towards main office.  You may park near the garage/ shed area as to not block driveway, and from here continue on foot up the road that leads behind garage/shed. 
           As you are going up the hill you will be turning left once you see a covered firewood pile. The gate you come to is for the field B4 but B2 will be the small field connected to it in the far left corner. (Okra is an itchy plant wear long sleeves and gloves, and bring pruners!)

U-Pick Items Continuing on....

  • Cherry Tomatoes and a few of the Sunrise Bumblebee ( Located in the fenced in field across from washing station in field "F" in the first 2 rows - Again be careful in areas not tied up!!
  • Any Flowers you see on the farm , but in particular, the Sunflowers are blooming nicely ( those are located next to the large parking lot used for u-picking that is in field "G2") Some Zinnias could probably still be found ( in the large field that is passed on your right on the way into the farm across from the 3 barns, in field "D")  
  •  Herbs ( which for the most part are located behind the washing station, if you desire more "Regular" Basil it will be located down in field D nearby the zinnias)

    Basils (Genovese "Regular", Thai, Kapoor Tulsi, Aromatto, Round Midnight, Greek, Lemon"Fancy")
    Cutting Celery (this is a celery grown for its leaves rather than stems)
    Garlic Chives
    Lemon Balm
    Lemon Verbena
    Onion Chives
    (these are starting to flower and aren't producing many leaves)
    Summer Savory



  • Too much rain dancing!!!! As much as the weather as been our friend this year, we are finally starting to deal with TOO MUCH rain. Plants generally thrive in periods of moderate dry and wet. The past couple of weeks have left us in quite a period of wet. 

    This weather causes some trouble for tomatoes and winter squash as they do not like having wet leaves. Sadly that's the way of farming, but let's enjoy what mother nature has already given us this harvest season so far!!! 

Other Info 

  • Remember NOW is the time to request your absentee ballot if you are a Maryland resident!
  • We continue to place bruised, misshapen and damaged but usable vegetables on a cart near our compost pile.  Help yourselves!  You may also add your own compost to that nearby pile.
  • We've just past the halfway point of your CSA season.  If you are a 26-week member and have missed shares, consider doubling them now while we have plenty.  
  • Need another easy way to use those 6 pounds of tomatoes before they go bad?  Wash them, cut out the stems, and drop them into a crockpot on low.  Leave them to simmer for a long, long time (overnight works).  Now that it's sauce, zip it with an immersion blender to break up the skins (or feed it through a food mill to remove the skins).  Then put the sauce in jars or bags and, once they're cooled, put them in the freezer.  Easy!  

Hoping for sunnier days ahead!! 

Thanks so much for being our members,

The Clagett Farm Team


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