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Last Week of Vegetables!

We have questions for you...


  • It's survey time!  This survey is for CSA members only (plus our few regular volunteers this year).  We want your general impressions of the CSA share this year, and we also have a few specific questions about how to distribute your veggies going forward in the event that Covid is still a threat in the 2021 season.  All your thoughts are welcome and the survey is anonymous.  The deadline to complete the survey is November 30th, after which we'll send you the results.  
  • We're now taking wreath orders!  Again this year, we'll be handmaking holiday wreaths for your door, your family's doors, friends, colleagues, doctor's office... It's a great gift!  There are two pick-up days:  December 5th at the farm and December 10th in Annapolis.  The deadline to order will be 2 days before the pick-up day (or sooner if we sell out).  
  • Dupont members: it's forecast to rain all evening, so we're pre-bagging your shares and limiting the vegetable options to keep the pick-up moving as quickly as possible.  We don't want people standing in line in the rain.  We have a tent and lights.  We recommend bringing an umbrella.  
  • This is the last week of our harvest season.  We'll miss you!  In a few weeks we'll be sending you an invitation to purchase a CSA share for 2021.  We expect the shares to sell out early this year, so we're opening sales to returning members first.  Make sure you sign up in that early window.  We'll be charging a $50 non-refundable deposit to sign up, and you'll have until March 30 to make the rest of the purchase.  When we send you the sign-up information, we'll also fill you in on any changes we plan to make to the pick-ups.  Your survey responses will help guide those decisions.    


This week's share

  • Garlic, 6 ounces loose cloves
  • Butternut (some pick-ups will also have the option of sweet potatoes or a small cabbage head)
  • Bok choi or tat soi (some pick-ups might instead be able to choose a turnip)
  • Greens, a 6-ounce bag of spicy mix, collards or kale
  • 3-4 Peppers
  • 2 French breakfast radishes
  • Optional: a bag of hot chilies (jalapeno, serrano and cayenne)


2020 has been a wild ride, my friends.  We're so, so grateful to serve such a supportive community of wonderful people.  We have high hopes for the future--for a food system that makes healthy vegetables available to everyone, that builds healthy soils, sequesters carbon, keeps our waterways clean, and pays the laborers a living wage.  We think we've found a pretty marvelous way to put those values into action, and this year made that clearer than ever.  Have a wonderful, wonderful winter, and you'll hear from us again soon!

The entire Clagett Farm Team,
Michael Heller, Clagett Farm Manager
Carrie Vaughn, Vegetable Production Manager
Jared Planz, Asistant Vegetable Production Manager
Dave Vernon, Assistant to the Farm Manager
Elissa Planz, Clagett Farm and Annapolis Pick-Up Manager,
Alex Outten, Matt Pombuena, David Tana, a dozen CBF educators, a dozen regular volunteers, and all the staff at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation that support us behind the scenes.

Week 25 of 26: Almost to the finish line


This week's share

  • garlic cloves, a tight handful 
  • sweet potatoes, 1 anxious, sleepless pound and 6 ounces 
  • eggplant, half pound--can't seem to unite with the other half
  • peppers, half pound--ripe & sweet?  green?  stay tuned...
  • cabbage, one small head with a furrowed brow and clenched teeth
  • lettuce, a few small heads, one green, one red (or maybe its purple, or maybe 2 green)
  • you can make this decision all on your own: purple top turnip or head of bok choi 
  • optional bag of chilies: we said they would burn, but does anyone care?


  • Next week is our last week of shares! You can take a maximum of 2 shares at one time to make up for missed shares.  Next week will have loose garlic cloves, a butternut, peppers, tat soi, collards, and either kale or mixed salad greens.  
  • One thing you can eat that is unequivocally good for the environment: Chesapeake Bay farmed OYSTERS.  Order them now for pick up at the farm on Saturday November 14th.  There will be another opportunity in Annapolis on November 24th, details to come.    
  • Ever seen bulldozers clearing a large, mature forest for a development no one wants, and yet your sound and fury signify nothing because the decision is already made?  You should attend this webinar tomorrow: Before the Bulldozers.  Learn how to make your voice heard early enough to have an impact.  
  • Garlic is sold out

Wishing we grew chocolate,
Carrie About-to-have-an-Aneurism Vaughn