Week 24 of 26: Sweet potatoes make an appearance
Last Week of Vegetables!

Week 25 of 26: Almost to the finish line


This week's share

  • garlic cloves, a tight handful 
  • sweet potatoes, 1 anxious, sleepless pound and 6 ounces 
  • eggplant, half pound--can't seem to unite with the other half
  • peppers, half pound--ripe & sweet?  green?  stay tuned...
  • cabbage, one small head with a furrowed brow and clenched teeth
  • lettuce, a few small heads, one green, one red (or maybe its purple, or maybe 2 green)
  • you can make this decision all on your own: purple top turnip or head of bok choi 
  • optional bag of chilies: we said they would burn, but does anyone care?


  • Next week is our last week of shares! You can take a maximum of 2 shares at one time to make up for missed shares.  Next week will have loose garlic cloves, a butternut, peppers, tat soi, collards, and either kale or mixed salad greens.  
  • One thing you can eat that is unequivocally good for the environment: Chesapeake Bay farmed OYSTERS.  Order them now for pick up at the farm on Saturday November 14th.  There will be another opportunity in Annapolis on November 24th, details to come.    
  • Ever seen bulldozers clearing a large, mature forest for a development no one wants, and yet your sound and fury signify nothing because the decision is already made?  You should attend this webinar tomorrow: Before the Bulldozers.  Learn how to make your voice heard early enough to have an impact.  
  • Garlic is sold out

Wishing we grew chocolate,
Carrie About-to-have-an-Aneurism Vaughn


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