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Kia Randall

I am interested in being a CSA member. What is the cost and how do I join?


I would like to join the C S A program. I need the details.

Kameelah Temple

Im new to the area fro PA. I want to join coming here in the winter of 2015. If I subscribe to your newsletter will it let me know when that process will begin.

Thank you

Patty Polhemus

I'm interested in finding out about what is available to me this season if I am not yet a member, and what day will membership be open for 2016?

Lillian Cooksey

I would like to join the C S A program. I need the details.

Farmer Carrie

CWoods: Yes, the produce is all certified organic, including the strawberries.


Hi Claggett Farm,
I have attempting to find out if your produce is organic especaially the strswberries.
Please contact me.
Thank you!


Hi Rachel and Lauren -

Unfortunately the CSA is full for this 2011 season. Here's some info how to join for the 2012 season:



Same with me: the farm and CSA are the best I've found so far. (I also saw the DuPont pick-up last night by accident and have been searching for the name ever since). Is there any way to join late or how/when do you sign up for next year?

Rachel Sitomer


I've been wanting to join a CSA and have heard wonderful things about your farm. I know it's late in the season, but am I still able to join? I'd love more information.
Thank you!

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