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Volunteers Are Helping Make Reef Balls, Below Average Temperatures Don't Slow Them Down


Many thanks to Jacqueline Ho of American University in Broadcast Journalism and Public Affairs for filming one of our volunteer reef ball events for her school project. 

Each year Maryland's Oyster Restoration Center in Shady Side Maryland (MD's ORC) has a goal to build and set (with oyster larvae) 240 mini-bay reef balls. To date so far with the help of volunteers 217 reef balls are out curing in the parking lot. Things are running ahead of schedule! In April we have another three day volunteer reef ball event where an additional 60 reef balls will be built. 

The reef balls just need one more thing before being deployed using CBF's Patricia Campbell later this year, oyster larvae. The oyster larvae used here at MD's ORC is produced by University of Maryland's Horn Point Laboratory in Cambridge, MD. The oyster larvae usually become available the first week of May. In just a few weeks the quiet at MD's Oyster Restoration Center will be replaced with the bustling sound of workers, volunteers, the bobcat (Miss Tina), the crane on abroad Patricia Campbell all buzzing about as the oyster restoration season officially begins. 

--Meghan Hoffman


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Jacqueline Ho

Thanks for the share, had a great time!


Very nice...well done..Keep up the good work. We at Reef Ball are proud of everyone there. Maybe I will visit when the temp is warmer

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