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The Oyster Shake Debut by Virginia Tech Spring Breakers

Spring Break is all about having fun and trying something new! A small select group of students in the Chesapeake Bay watershed decided to trade in a trip to some place warmer to give back to the Bay. This year Chesapeake Bay Foundation had three great alternative spring break groups: Virginia Tech, University of Virginia and University of Maryland lend their time and hands to making the Bay healthier.

Virginia Tech's Alternative Spring Break students joined CBF for their alternate spring break March 11th-15th. They helped to plant trees, built reef balls, cleaned oyster shells, visited Claggett Farm, and had a whole lot of FUN! Down at the Oyster Restoration Center in Shady Side, Maryland we decided to add a little humor into an otherwise very physical task of shell shaking.

Shell-shaking: For those that have never participated before it involves taking oyster shells and removing any debris so that baby spat (oysters) can attach to hard shell. You shovel several loads of shell onto a wire screen and then rock the oyster pile back in forth to knock off the debris than dump the cleaner shell into a wire cage (repeat).


Even us oysterphiles let the ‘Harlem Shake’ craze sweep us up, and so please enjoy our own Harlem Shake video. We interrupted Virginia Tech’s shell shaking competition to have the incredibly creative students make the video that features: someone making a snow-angel in the oyster pile, a dancing cone, a giant crab, and what appears to be a giant sleeping bag worm. There have been many impressive Harlem Shake videos, but we personally think that ours is the BEST out there! Come on everyone and do the “Oyster Shake.”


The Harlem Shake craze was sparked by the Australian YouTube group The Sunny Coast Skate. Since their video was published in early February, thousands of videos have been made to a clip of the song Harlem Shake by Baauer which is about 30-45 seconds long. Celebrities from Jimmy Fallon to LeBron James have made their own videos. Although the craze is losing steam, the videos can still provide hours of entertainment.

--Emily Rieck with contribution by Meghan Hoffman, Video by CBF Staff/Meghan Hoffman, Photos by CBF Staff/Karl Willey