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Maryland Oyster Update- Things Are Looking Good

CBF's 2013 Maryland Oyster Restoration Season At A Glance

Spat On Shell 1

IMG_1236 Bill Burton Reef Partner Banners


22.4 Million Spat on Shell

324 Bushels of Recycled Oyster Shell

273,000 Spat on Reef Ball (expected to increase slightly)

303 Reef Balls Set With Spat

Working with partners MARI, DNR, and the Park Serive; CBF began work on a new artifical reef at the Bill Burton Fishing Pier in Cambridge, MD (Dedication Event Oct. 5th, 2013) 

10 Oyster Gardening Events To Date (for current gardeners to return yearling oysters and pick up new spat)

5 Oyster Gardening Workshops (for new gardeners to enter the program by attending a one time workshop and build 4 cages to start their own oyster garden)


-As MD's 2013 Oyster Restoration Season comes to an end a few numbers will likely increase, (woot woot) so stay tuned for more updates coming soon.-

If you have any questions or want to learn more please contact


-Meghan Hoffman (photos by CBF Oyster Restoraiton Staff and Volunteers)