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Save the Oyster, Save the Bay: The Orvis Company Supports CBF’s Oyster Restoration Program

Looking Back, A Season Of Success Volunteers Make CBF Great!

Let me start by saying, that the native oyster population in the Chesapeake Bay is starting to make a comeback. The number of news articles highlighting the success stories in creeks and rivers up and down the Bay continues to increase! The continued push for using best management practices on land and in the water is making a difference in water quality, but we still have a lot to learn and many seasons of hard work ahead.

Thanks to all the citizens, volunteers, community organizations, and national/state agencies who have taken a STAND FOR THE BAY, you are making a difference so keep your voices loud and proud for Bay restoration!

Take a look at CBF's Maryland Spat production from last year: 

MD spat production 2003-2013
In 2013 MD's Oyster Team Spread 23.8 million baby oysters 'spat' on 6 reefs,

ISavedTheBayTodayEach summer at CBF's Maryland Oyster Restoration Center,  we have a an intern or two and a group of regular volunteers. In the summer of 2010 under the direction of Dan Johannes, a member of MD's Oyster Restoration Team, and a former intern Rebeccca Price aka 'Becky', created the "I Saved The Bay Today" wall at our Oyster Restoration Center in Shady Side, MD. This wall has taken on a life of it's own every season. Volunteers of all ages are eager to sign the wall. We have had many corporate groups and schools add their logos to the wall. It really is a work of art. Many regular volunteers have come up with their own system of adding multiple dates, stars, or harsh marks next to their name to keep track of their repeated visits to the oyster center over the past three seasons. Well guess what? All of our amazing volunteers have just about filled the wall and we are trying to figure out what to do next! What do you think?...Do we just expand to another wall inside our workshop? Do we build a new sliding wall in front? Do we paint over and start again keeping a poster image of the original? If you have an ideas for upgrading the "I Saved The Bay Today" wall to version 2.0 we are all ears. 


(Below are just a few photos highlights of the Wall, if you would like to see more vist our Facebook Page.)

IMG_0828 IMG_1393









Oyster Rest-2012-07-20-114 Oyster Rest-2012-07-20-111









Oyster Rest-2012-07-20-105

















We would love to hear your feedback about what to do with the wall next! We whole-heartedly appreciate all of the volunteers that come to the Oyster Restoration Center each season, and we want to continue to make it an enjoyable experience! 

Please contact, Carmera Thomas at to give us any ideas you have for the "I Saved the Bay Today" wall.

Thanks! See you this Spring!


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