> Clagett Farm Photos: 2003

01. On Clagett Farm
02. Matt Fagan, Amanda Helin and Megan Caine hard at work
03. Megan and hat
04. Kolya and Tuzeek
05. Sunflower and bumblebees
06. Rob Vaughn
07. Rion and Becca
08. Some of our barns
09. Trying to look busy
10. Zinnias
11. Cow barns
12. Foggy morning
13. Michael Heller
14. Harvesting greens
15. Carrie Cochran Vaughn
16. Rob riding Old Blue
17. Rion and the roots of her labor
18. Emily and JB getting their workshare
19. Washing veggies
20. Stake dance
21. Tractor-pulled hay ride
22. Craig Highfield at the okra
23. Carrie working on her favorite little red tractor
24. Autumn evening
25. Cassie, the one and only
26. Harvesting greens for the last time this season
27. Ken Weiss and young volunteers unloading hay to mulch the strawberry field
28. Ken and Carrie finishing the planting of garlic
29. Winter scene