> Clagett Farm Photos: 2004

01. Clagett Farm -- early spring scene
02. First beds of the season
03. Late spring from the wash station
04. Transplanting sweet potatoes slips
05. Rob Vaughn, the farm's indispensable problem solver
06. Summer squash
07. New potatoes
08. First tomatoes
09. Beans
10. Garlic
11. Keith the birdman
12. Hans and Carrie at the wash station
13. Kenji and a grateful Cassie
14. Kolya making a last pass with the potato digger
15. Lance and Holly getting ready to transplant collards
16. Transplanting brassicas -- Holly is on the hot seat
17. Lance and Hans -- a crack team of transplanters
18. Do we have the space?
19. Preparing a bed -- Katie, Kenji and Hans
20. Lunch break -- Carrie, Holly and Andrea
21. Katie
22. Kenji
23. Kolya
24. Bringing in the tomatoes
25. Just harvested tomatoes
26. Carrie during share a pick up at the farm
27. Rachel and a young helper
28. Mr. Hans Friedhoff, our man from Seattle
29. Shareholder Mom
30. Shareholder and baby
31. Hauling winter squash
32. Pumpkins
33. Sisters
34. Neon eggplant on the vine
35. Size 12 sweet potatoes
36. Washing sweet potatoes
37. Amelia, Olivia and bovine friends
38. Kenji and Nora at the beans
39. Worksharers picking beans
40. Scene of a Saturday share pick up
41. Michael Heller and hayriders during the Fall Festival
42. Steel drummers at the farm (Fall Festival)
43. Sandra and Maria Vishnevsky checking out the Fall Festival action
44. Fall Festival potluck
45. Lorig Charkoudian and her daughter (Fall Festival)
46. Carrie with her grandma (Fall Festival)
47. Fall greens
48. Mulching strawberries with the bale chopper
49. Carrie feeding the mulcher, Rob holding the hose
50. Carrie getting a straw bale