> Clagett Farm Photos: 2010

The Sandbox
Winter at Clagett
The Greenhouse!
Seeding in the Greenhouse
Compost Close up
Seeding in the Greenhouse
Winter in the Greenhouse
Winter in the Greenhouse
Germination shed
Anna is craning left to make sure her row is straight.
Anna Johnson planting beans
Carrie in front of our fall seedlings of cabbage and broccoli
Layne Garrett, interrupted during lunch
Anne Hillson--Can you believe it's 100 degrees outside?
Anna Johnson and Carrie Vaughn at the Washing Station
2010 Vegetable Crew at Clagett Farm
Zachari Curtis (left) and Xavier Bure (right) sorting tomatoes
Zachari contemplating a corn fungus
Rob Vaughn and Amelia
Zachari digging sweet potatoes
One potato dug, six million to go
Layne in a sea of sweet potatoes
Our new chicken pen around the asparagus patch
Asparagus plant reaching through the bird netting overhead
Rooster enjoying his spacious new home
Wide view of chicken pen, greenhouse and cows in the background
Curing sweet potatoes
Browsing the pasture in the fall
Cows in their pasture
Behind the scenes at the washing station
Washing station
White pine Christmas tree
White pine close up
Scotch pine Christmas trees--ready to decorate your house!